Reehut Single Resistance Band Atomic(70-75 lbs.)

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    Reehut Single Resistance Band With Door Anchor and Manual

    Whether you're just starting to incorporate fitness bands into your cross-training routine or are looking to add a few new bands into your current collection, Reehut single resistance bands offer the versatility and quality that you need for your best workout. These bands are ideal for a wide variety of fitness-related uses, including physical therapy, weight loss, Pilates, muscle toning, muscle strengthening, stretching, rehabilitation and general health and fitness. The bands are compact and portable, so you can take your workout anywhere. Available in a wide variety of resistance intensities, so you can take control of your workout.
    Benefits of Using Resistance Bands
    ✔ Incredibly Cost-Effective
    ✔ Targets specific muscle groups through full range of motion
    ✔ Adaptable for Multiple Fitness Levels
    ✔ Alternative to conventional weights and exercise equipment
    ✔ Helps tone legs, arms and chest while on the go
    ✔ Great for gym, home, travel, and office use
    ✔Fitness Goal: Increase Cardio, Strengthen Core, Build Muscle, Lose Weight, Enhance Flexibility, Tighten & Tone

    Build Muscle and Shred Fat like a Pro!

    Why Choose Reehut Single Resistance Bands?
     ✔ Door anchor and starter guide included
     ✔ Compact and portable 
     ✔ Convenient, safe and easy to use
     ✔ Material: High quality rubber
    8 levels of Single resistance offers:
    Yellow (2-4 lbs.), Blue (4-6 lbs.), Green (10-12 lbs.), Black (15-20 lbs.), Red (25-30 lbs.), Orange (35-40 lbs.), Purple (45-50 lbs.) and Atomic (70-75 lbs.).