Reehut Hot Yoga Towel - Microfiber Bikram Towel for Workout, Fitness and Pilates (Turquoise)

  • Features

    • Perfect Size can Cove A Whole Mat
    • Skid-Resistant Grip
    • Compact and Portable
    • Sanitary and Easy to Clean
    • Top Quality with 100% Microfiber

  • Overview

    Now’s the time to improve your practice, enjoy a safe, hygienic workout with the Microfiber Hot Yoga Towel from Reehut!


    • The Reason to use Yoga Towel?
    1. Your body is always keeping you cool in yoga and Pilates to cardio and weight training .
    2. You can get a little sweaty on your face and body on these exercise.
    3. Excess sweat can become uncomfortable and even dangerous if it causes you to slip on your mat.
    4. It’s a must-have for corepower, kundalini, ashtanga, Pilates and meditation.
    • The Reason to use Hand Yoga Towel?

    1.You're sweating all of the time while working out.
    2.It’s disgusting to see a bead of sweat drip off your nose and onto your yoga mat.
    3.The skin of your face is more fragile, it’s needed concerned.
    4.Wiping the sweat off of your face with your hands is a surefire way to spread bacteria.
    5.Replace your hand with a hand towel is more hygeian for your skin.


    Order Your Hot Yoga Towel Now and Get a Grip!


    • What Reehut Yoga Mat Towel can offer for you?

    - 5 colors yoga towel, quite suit for any workout.
    - Made of 100% microfiber material, ultra-soft and highly absorbent.
    - Measures 72" x 24", covers your yoga mat completely, create a hygienic layer for you.
    - Lightweight and compact, perfect for use outdoors, the studio and home.
    - Just throw it in the washing machine for a quick clean and tumble dry on low.

    • What Reehut Yoga Hand Towel can offer for you?

    - 4 simple colors for your multiple choice.
    - Made of 100% microfiber material, ultra-soft and highly absorbent.
    - Measures 30" x 20", enough wiping surface for your face and other parts of the body .
    - It's faster drying, and less bulky than cotton hand towels.
    - Reduces the risk of harmful bacteria spreading to your skin.