Yoga wheel(Black)

Reehut Strong Premium 12.6" x 5" Yoga Wheel Roller Designed for Dharma Yoga Wheel Pose, for Stretching and Improving Backbends - Includes Pose Guide Card (Black)
  • Features

    • Package Includes: 1 - Peace Yoga 12" diameter, 5" wide stretching wheel with description card.
    • Yoga wheel features a hybrid TPE foam which is naturally anti-bacterial and sweat resistant. 10mm of extra thick padding for comfort and grip.
    • Support up to 440lbs, durable TPE plastic provides the back support you need for spine stretches and it will not flex under your weight.
    • Great fitness and stretching tool to assist you with backbends and yoga poses, achieving deeper spinal stretches, improving core strength, opening shoulders and chest, improving flexibility and balance.
    • Perfectly portable and lightweight to take your Yoga Wheel to classes or take it on holiday with a weight of just 2.86 LB.

  • Overview

    Benefits of Using Reehut Yoga Wheel:
    Perform advanced backbends and handstands.
    Strengthen your core, toning your body. 
    Stretch and open your back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors.
    Improve balance and spine alignment.
    Deepening stretches and increasing flexibility.
    ¡ôMelt away stress and muscle tension.
    ¡ôAdd an extra challenge to numerous dharma yoga poses.


    You can also use the wheel to access deeper variations of backbends in 
    poses and should be practiced with caution and experience - please be safe!
    Do yourself a favor: Roll on it, lie on it, breathe on it, relax on it, 
    think of the yoga wheel as yoga blocks times 10 to optimally open your shoulders.
    The yoga wheel will open the sides of your body and create all sorts of space 
    to move. Simply kneel next to the wheel, drape your side over it, and be prepared
    to lengthen.
    Lie on the wheel whichever way feels best and take lots of deep breaths. Reaching 
    for your toes is completely optional!